Consolidation of accounts

Benefit from the expertise of our multidisciplinary team made up of specialists in consolidation, IFRS and French standards, as well as consolidation software to support you in the production of your consolidated financial information.

Establishment of your consolidated accounts

We assist you in:

  • Partial or complete outsourcing of the production of your consolidated accounts;
  • Assistance with calculations to determine the accounting and financial implications of equity financing transactions;
  • Writing answers to technical questions;
  • The training of your teams;
  • The production of your financial communication.

Optimization of your organization and control of your risks

Speed ​​up and improve your production process for consolidated accounts through:

  • The review of the reporting process allowing the implementation of a coherent, reproducible and long-lasting closing process: our finance and IT teams will assist you in choosing new IT solutions, improving quality, reducing delays and costs (lean management), as well as the integration of new reporting cycles;
  • Strengthening of your internal control and compliance system.
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fermer la vidéo
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