The interim financial management

You are looking for an interim manager to:

  • Dealing with increasing activity (building a funding file, strengthening your team on an operation, setting up performance indicators, etc.),
  • Compensating for the absence of a collaborator,
  • Supporting your financial teams on complex topics,
  • Providing you with financial expertise by adapting the monthly intervention duration according to your needs.

We adapt to your constraints to offer you tailored solutions by detaching accountants or finance teams within your financial management.

The added value of Altermès is

  • Competent stakeholders who often have dual experience in consulting firms and companies;
  • Support of the experts’ Altermes community ;
  • missions of any duration
  • a multi-sector field of action: utilities, infrastructure, real estate, health, new technology…
  • clear fees, on subscription or as a package.

Les dernières actualités

Our subscription services on the plan:

  • The benefits:

    • Our professionals have significant experience in the financial field;
    • Maximum availability of our teams;
    • An technical assistance to meet all your needs.

    In practice:

    • An interview with your teams will be necessary to understand the scope of the position;
    • We offer speakers as well as intervention fees;
    • Once the speaker and fees are validated, the mission can start;
    • The billing of our service will be carried out on a daily or monthly schedule.
  • The benefits:

    • Your subscription is scalable: you benefit from accounting/financial/legal assistance services that adapt to your needs, whether in the phase of growth (increase in scope) or decrease (decrease in scope);
    • Your budget is controlled through the flat rate of our services. It can be adapted or terminated at any time. This offer is therefore suitable for start-ups, very small businesses, SMEs or mid-sized companies who do not wish to recruit an administrative and financial director but who must nevertheless face strategic challenges;
    • We support you in the long term which allows us to master your business issues;
    • You have access to a member of our dedicated team that meets current or one-off needs as an internal CFO would.

    In practice:

    • We jointly determine the specifications, the speaker or the speakers, the amount of hours or days per month and the flat fee of the subscription;
    • To keep costs down, your contact works entirely remotely and fully adapts to your digital communication tools;
    • Assistance is available at all times, fully on the plan depending on the volume of hours or days chosen, without additional billing.
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