D&A for internal audit

Give your teams the means to drive the transformation of audit and internal control through data analysis

Whether you want to improve the efficiency of your work, deepen your knowledge of the issues or increase the management of your missions, we will support you in meeting these challenges.

Focus on the risks and issues of audit and control, rather than the tools

We help you benefit from the best innovative solutions for your audits and controls, so you can focus on the audit strategy, while being sure to comply with regulatory constraints related to the challenges of data analysis.

Harness the power of analytics solutions specifically designed to meet your needs

By analyzing all the data of a transactional process, your audits are secure thanks to exhaustive and reliable data.
Help your teams achieve their goals with the assistance of solutions developed specifically for data analysis including their extraction, cleaning, calculations and visualization of outcome indicators that you have defined.

Optimize your interventions by identifying atypies upstream of your missions

With data analysis, accelerate:

  • understanding of the risks and challenges of the processes;
  • the documentation of the audit and control process;
  • the identification of atypies to be tested.

Facilitate exchanges with the Business and Information Systems Departments

Free the Business and Information Systems teams from time-consuming work such as certain 1st level checks or data extraction.
Coordinate the risk management process with the Business and Information Systems Departments from exhaustive data analyzes, and share your observations on dynamic visualization tools.

Data analysis FAQ

    • It allows the identification of exceptions in the processes (i.e. what happened?) and understanding of what happened (i.e. when?) and in what context (i.e. how?).
    • It supports in defining audit risks and the scope of the audit assignment.
    • It assists in understanding the origin of exceptions (i.e. why and where did it happen?) identified in the processes.
    • It enables priority audit risks to be analyzed and audits to be carried out by exception.
    • It generates predictions of future results based on historical data (i.e. what will happen and why?).
    • It automates certain procedures to cover audit objectives and performance of audit tests by exception

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