Discover our white paper on the main steps to create a company and become an entrepreneur too!

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The process of starting a business can sometimes seem long and arduous. In this white paper, we detail the key stages of business creation from the definition of your project to the start of your activity.

We approach administrative, financial, tax and legal issues with pragmatism and objectivity. So we give you the keys to make your project a reality 🚀

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The main steps in setting up a business

  • Drawing up a business plan
  • Identify the aids for the creation of a company
  • Choosing the most suitable legal structure
  • Thinking about how the manager is paid
  • Draft the articles of association, the contributions and the registered office
  • Open a bank account for the release of the contributions
  • Choosing the VAT system
  • Anticipate the tax system by choosing a tax system for the results
  • Publish your legal announcement of company creation
  • Register your company with the Registry of the Commercial Court

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