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For an architectural firm

Mission context

We were contacted by an architect who was in the process of setting up a company. He had no accounting knowledge and was overwhelmed by the administrative tasks involved in setting up his company. He wanted to concentrate on his work as an architect and to free himself from low added value tasks for the development of his business.

We started by taking the time to understand her expectations and goals. This allowed us to accompany him in all the stages of the creation of his company, namely :

  • choice of legal structure
  • drafting of its statutes
  • choice of tax system
  • advice on an optimal remuneration scheme
  • choosing a bank and opening an account
  • registration of the company at the court registry

We then trained him in the basics of commitment accounting as well as in the use of digital tools allowing us to keep accounts in real time.

Our teams now support him on a daily basis in the follow-up of his accounting. We answer his questions as a young entrepreneur in terms of optimizing his results according to his expectations; remuneration, investment, development etc.

Customer feedback

Our client is now satisfied with this collaboration and regularly recommends us to new clients.

Beyond the simple accounting aspect, it is our advisory role that our client came to Altermès for.

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