Diagnosis and development of scenarios for the evolution of the accounting organization

  • Technological transformation

For a freight and logistics company


Following the successive acquisition of several companies. Our client questioned the relevance and efficiency of its current accounting organization. The ultimate objective is to define a uniform and efficient accounting and financial operating model within the Group.

The project is structured around 2 phases:

  • A first phase of diagnosis of the operational efficiency of the Shared Services Centre and development of scenarios
  • A second phase of evaluation of these scenarios for the evolution of the accounting organisation with regard to the current situation of the client and its subsidiaries

Altermès was involved in the mapping phase of the accounting processes of the Shared Service Centre. Our mission consisted in mapping the purchasing, treasury, expense accounts and transversal processes on the basis of interviews conducted with various CSP managers.

Our analysis made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current accounting organization, which is essential to the development of various development scenarios.


  • Mapping of each process for each company and description of transversal processes
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each process
  • Report of the main findings of our study

Tools used

Use of the Microsoft VISIO tool for process mapping

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