Digitalisation of audit and internal control processes

  • Technological transformation

For an energy customer

In a context of technological transformation and modernization of its processes, a major client in the energy sector entrusted us with the mission of supporting them in the digitalization of their audit and internal control processes.


  • Have automated controls in real time (risk of fraud, separation of duties, double payments, compliance with procedures, etc.)
  • Increase the quality of the purchasing process through internal control monitoring

Phase 1: Consulting in the identification of automated controls to be implemented to cover the risks associated with the Purchasing process

  1. Preparation of a theoretical scope of expected controls to cover the objectives of :
    – strengthen the understanding of the “Purchasing/Supplier” process. Ultimately, this will help to define more precisely the assessment of risks and the adequacy of the controls implemented to address them;
    – allow for automated processing, increased depth of analysis and improved risk coverage;
    – to increase the effectiveness of controls by identifying trends and focusing on exceptions and risk areas where further investigation is required;
    – to provide direct audit evidence in the context of internal control work.
  2. Comparison of “expected” controls with controls identified by the Group’s audit and internal control team and already performed in its companies;
  3. Co-leadership with the Group’s audit and internal control team (i.e. France and International) and production of reports;
  4. Construction of an automated control program that can be carried out autonomously by the Group’s companies and that can also be transposed to the Group’s various business lines, fed from the data available in the Group’s information systems. They should make it possible to cover the risks observed in the various companies.
Example of restitution
Example of restitution

Phase 2: Implementation of controls embedded in the IS on the Purchasing process

  1. Preliminary study for the implementation of the theoretical framework of controls planned during phase 1 through interviews with the various IT departments of the group + proposal of solutions to be implemented to meet the client’s expectations;
  2. Construction of controls on a test subsidiary, driving force on the subject;
  3. Construction of controls on all the group’s subsidiaries.

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