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  • Interim management

For an energy customer

Who has never been confronted with the departure and replacement of an employee? This essential stage in the life of a manager is not always without difficulties. It is therefore common for a position to remain vacant for a longer or shorter period of time.

The role of the interim manager is precisely to reinforce your teams during these periods of absence.

Mission context

It is in this context that we intervened with an energy client to ensure a recovery of a few months between 2 regional CFOs in the middle of a closing period.

Scope of the mission

  • Management of the accounting teams (15 people)
  • Review of fixed assets (scrapping, CAPEX landing, impairment test, statement of investments)
  • Review of invoicing and collection of receivables (Aged balance, depreciation, provisions)
  • Monitoring of disputes and related provisions
  • Supplier review (order reception, disputes, anomalies, NPF)
  • Closing the accounts (monitoring anomalies, allocation of flows, specific closing operations, IFRS restatements, etc.)
  • CAC management
  • The transfer of subjects to the new CFO

Customer feedback

The closing went perfectly and the new CFO was able to take up his duties by capitalising on the Altermès experience.

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Character disturbed by the replacement of a collaborator
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