Outsource its accounting management and certain financial functions

The difficulties generally observed in the management of your accounting

Lack of added value for the company
Risk of errors in the accounts, lack of information on regulatory changes and advice on accounting optimization
Hidden costs : recruitment, training, management, team inefficiencies
HR issues : recruitment difficulties, need for supervision and continuous training of resources
Lack of adaptation to technological changes and new tools (BI, accounting, digitalization, etc.)

Barriers to outsourcing accounting management

More difficult access to accounting and financial information

I no longer have access to my accounting data!”

A lack of operational efficiency

“Accounting firms are not a force to be reckoned with!”

A lack of technological adaptation of the firms

“Accounting firms are not digital enough!”

A loss of control over accounting

“If I have questions about my company’s performance, the firm will not take the time to answer them!”

The cost and complexity of an outsourcing project

“It’s too expensive!”

How do we remove the barriers to outsourcing?

Thanks to our state-of-the-art tools, we keep your accounts in real time. You have a “Viewer” profile to access your data at any time.

Thanks to our process mapping and improvement methodology (lean management), we can advise you on tools and work methods to achieve productivity gains.

Altermès hasits own IT teams (developers, data analysts). We connect your accounting and business applications to a BI solution . Thus, you can have all your data in customized dashboards (indicators developed according to your needs).

You remain the epicenter of a dedicated team (accountant, CPA, data analyst) responsive to all your questions through a dedicated communication channel in TEAMS. We also commit to an outgoing reversibility plan in case of contract termination.

The improvement of your processes and the use of digital tools allow us to offer you competitive pricing that adapts to your activity (transition to variable costs).

How do we unlock the value of your accounting?

Simple pricing adapted to your organization

Thanks to lean management, we identify your future productivity gains

The skills and stability of our teams for the benefit of your organization

Leverage your accounting, financial and operational data with business intelligence

You define the perimeter to be outsourced

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How does it work in practice?

  1. We engage together in a strategic thinking process on the opportunity of outsourcing
  2. You define the precise scope you wish to outsource. You evaluate the internal costs of the outsourceable functions
  3. We carry out an audit of your organization to understand your functioning and your processes
  4. We measure together the stakes in terms of equipment, exchanges
  5. We offer you a support approach and a pricing adapted to your organization
  6. We define a set ofspecifications that will also serve as a contractual basis.
  7. This includes the outgoing reversibility plan, the scope of our work and our commitments
  8. We sign a contract together , and start the service

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