The Altermès outsourcing solution

A perimeter that can be outsourced à la carte

With the Altermès outsourcing solution, you decide on the scope you wish to outsource:

General accounting

  • Accounting entry and/or review
  • Tax returns
  • Preparation of the annual balance sheet and tax return
  • Supplier paymentmanagement
  • Consolidation of accounts
  • Advice on business management and optimization

Cost accounting and management control

  • Accounting management by axis and analytical section
  • Costing
  • Establishment of budgets
  • Establishment of dashboards
  • Preparation of operational and financial reports

Financial Management

  • Preparation of treasury operations
  • Management assistance
  • Elaboration of business and cash flowplans

Internal control

  • Reliability and security of information systems
  • Control of procedures
  • Compliancetesting

Social management

  • HiringTips;
  • Management of the entry and exit of personnel;
  • Payroll management (+DSN) ;
  • Drafting of contracts;
  • Integration of an HRIS

Legal Secretariat

  • Administrative procedures ;
  • Approval of accounts ;
  • Shareholder relations assistance
  • Steering assistance
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We enable you to leverage your accounting, financial and operational data with BI

With the Altermès outsourcing solution, we allow you to use your accounting, financial and operational data

We create a database or data warehouse to structure your company data and connect multiple information sources to your accounting data. You can thus cross-reference your data, define relevant indicators and have a real-time vision of your activity.

We can also work on the construction of customized dashboards that will allow you to meet the expectations of your stakeholders (management, banks, investors, etc.)

Your data is highly secure thanks to the use of SAAS tools and hosting.

Project Implementation Steps:

  1. Choice of hosting (Cloud Altermès / Client) and storage mode (BDD Sql, Datawarehouse);
  2. Choice of the BI tool for the presentation of the dashboards ;
  3. Creation of the data model and import of the accounting data into the chosen BI tool;
  4. Connection of other business applications (CRM, HRIS, stock, etc.);
  5. Construction of automated reporting in dashboards.
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Lean management to identify your future productivity gains

Lean management is based on the principle of improving performance through reducing all forms of waste.

We transpose lean management to finance functions. Thus, each time a file is taken over, an audit of the procedures and tools in place is carried out in order to : –Streamline processes and facilitate interactions between the people involvedAutomate low value-addedtasks through the use of digital tools (automation of supplier payments, implementation of an HRIS solution, automated editing of customer invoices, etc.)Improve the performance of your accounting management. –

In concrete terms, the implementation of lean management is done in several phases:

  1. Review of the processes by exchanges with the operational staff
  2. Process mapping
  3. Proposal on the areas of improvement and changes to be made
  4. Implementation of the selected solutions and adaptation of the processes
  5. Continuous improvement of your processes thanks to our technological watch
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The stability of our teams at the heart of your operational process

At Altermès, we are aware that people are at the heart of the service business.

Provenmethods of follow-up andsupport

All our employees have a personalized follow-up to allow them to ensure the quality of our services and to evolve with your company.

Work/life balance

Digital tools, real-time accounting and our connectivity allow us to smooth out the workload of your teams and ours.

Efficiency and customer satisfaction

Our employees are evaluated on the basis of clearly definedindicators to provide you with maximum added value.


Our goal is to accompany you in a sustainable growth. Our employees adhere to the values of the company:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Authenticity
  • Cooperation
  • Audacity

Connectivity and remote working

We provide our teams with the means to work remotely to ensure a good reactivity.


All of our employees have their own training program, which is a real boost to their skills.

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Customized pricing that fits your business

At Altermès, we are completely transparent with our clients. No implementation costs are charged when the file is taken over. Our pricing is simple and evolving according to your activity:

Fixed part revised annually :

  1. Estimated file load based on number of entries, complexity of processes and number of closures
  2. Estimation of a number of hours / days of consulting depending on the scope to be taken over (management control, finance, internal control, admin etc.)
  3. Share of structural costs, accountant’s insurance, EC membership fees and license (LOOP, BI tool, etc.)
  4. Need to draft a schedule and/or manage the relationship with a CAC

Variable part revised monthly according to the procedures performed:

  1. Cost of social management calculated on the basis of the number of pay slips, variations in the number of employees and actions taken (contract, RUC, etc.)
  2. Specific development, connection of new applications to BI, data visualization etc.
  3. Other exceptional service

You are thinking of outsourcing your accounting management but you don't know how to go about it?

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