The audit – Statutory auditor

Your challenges are our fundamentals: we will be at your side to support you in your day-to-day work and in your decision-making.

We will share with you the knowledge accumulated by the diversity of our clients, the best practices observed, to contribute to your performance.

Our experienced team combines :

  • a high level of technical expertise
  • an ability to understand the issues and developments in your sector and your environment
  • the desire to provide you with solid positions and supported recommendations
  • the support of skills reinforced by information systems (IT) specialists or tax specialists.

Our approach is based on the following key success factors:

  • Our common sense approach based on an understanding of your business will be fully integrated into your operational challenges. This approach will enable us to offer you the most appropriate solutions to your financial challenges, both in terms of reporting and communication with your stakeholders.

  • The success of our mission is anticipation, because it guarantees you “smooth and surprise-free” closures. This is based on our ability to establish open, active and appropriate communication with all the people we meet during our work.

  • We will endeavour to set up an active technical watch in order to be able to transmit as soon as possible any normative information likely to have an impact on your accounts.

  • We are committed to providing you with high value-added feedback throughout our intervention, defining action plans or recommendations if necessary.

  • Altermès develops and implements innovative tools for audit teams (automated data processing, exhaustive data analysis using specialised software, work methodologies inspired by Lean management, etc.).

Contribution auditor,
fusion and transformation

Protect the interests of your shareholders during your contributions, mergers and conversions by certifying that they comply with the legal rules. Altermès will ensure that you provide reliable information to all stakeholders, and that you can carry out the planned operations with complete peace of mind.

Contractual or acquisition audit

Benefit from a financial audit of your operational processes or company accounts.

These audits, performed at your request, provide a level of assurance on the financial statements. In particular, in the context of the acquisition of a target company, this involves :

  • To make the financial aggregates that will be used for its valuation more reliable;
  • Prepare its integration in compliance with your accounting rules and methods.

Certification of financial data

Give comfort to third parties on your financial data through concordance and coherence attestations of financial data with your financial statements:

  • Attestations on accounting and financial data in the context of litigation, subsidies, obtaining contracts or financing;
  • Audit of research costs for the European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme – FP7 or H2020).

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